We will fight, says Vesnić ahead of Poznan

We will fight, says Vesnić ahead of Poznan

23. 5. 2021 0 News

Milovan Vesnić didn´t have an ideal start of the 2021 season. But he doesn´t intend to give up. The Serbian said that and much more in our interview.

Milovan, after you had a bad luck in the opening round at Hungaroring, you had a bad luck at Slovakiaring again. What are your impressions from Slovakiaring round?

Yes, the season didn´t start good at all. We are out of luck, for sure. Despite a bad BoP, we managed to be fastest in qualifying at Slovakiaring, but that´s all good that happened that weekend. In race one, we started to lose pace because too much balast in the car. Then, the gearbox started to „miss“ the gears and it died in the end. In second race, I started from 12th position and I managed to get to sixth, but I wasn´t satisfied with the pace. The car was too slow in races on straights and we have to see what is the problem.

You are 53 points behind the championship leader Tomáš Pekař. Do you think you can still achieve the championship title despite this gap or did you adjust your ambitions in any way?

Everything is still open, but to catch Pekař and Makeš is starting to be a science fiction now. But I don´t want a bad luck for anybody. Despite the big difference in the standings, we will fight, for sure.

Michal Makeš won his first race in TCR Eastern Europe in Race 1 at Slovakiaring. How would you evaluate his performance at Slovakiaring and what do you think about his progress?

As I said at the beginning of the season, Makeš is getting better and better. He is determined and focused on racing. I´m very glad to see that young boys are improving themselves.

It´s a debut season with Audi RS 3 LMS TCR car for Milovan Vesnić this year. Photo: Petr Frýba

Sebastian Steibel and Carol Wittke also shone at Slovakiaring. Steibel finished second in both races of the season and Carol Wittke finished third in Race 1.  They achieved their first podium results in TCR Eastern Europe. What do you think about their performance at Slovakiaring and what do you expect from them in the remainder of the season?

It´s good to see that we have six to seven drivers that can win anytime now. It´s good for the championship and it´s good for the rest of the drivers to give their best.

The third round of 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season will take place from 11th to 13th of June in Poznan, Poland. How are you looking forward to this round?

To be honest, I still don´t know what to expect. It´s a playground of the Polish drivers. They know the track and they will be favorites there. I don´t like an infrastructure of the track and it´s maybe too dangerous. I was there but I´ve never driven there.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba