What did the champion and TOP3 drivers say after the second race?

What did the champion and TOP3 drivers say after the second race?

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Bartosz Groszek – Audi RS3 LMS TCR (ADITIS Racing) – TCR Eastern Europe champion
I have no words at the moment. I’m very happy. It was our plan from the beginning of the season to win the championship. I wasn’t expecting that hard of a fight and this race was the hardest race of the entire season. I want to thank everyone on the team, the whole family for support. This championship is for them. The fight with Petr Semerád was hard on both fronts, but we were fair to each other. There was no touching or hitting and I think we had a very good clean fight. Now I think I need to take a break because I still cannot believe that we won the championship.

Petr Fulín – Cupra León Competición TCR (Fullinrace Academy) – 1st place
I left my window open during my lap out onto the starting grid and Rzepecki drove in front of me. A stone probably flew from his car right into my eye. It hurt a lot and, when I looked into the mirror in the car, my eye was red. A medic checked me and said that she didn’t want me to race, but I persuaded her. So I started and enjoyed the race, the passing, and the leading. However, during the last four laps, when I was alone in the front, it was really bad and I was in pain. But two wins at Most are great and I’m really happy about them.

Václav Janík – Hyundai i30N TCR (Hyundai / Janík Motorsport) – 2nd place
I think I was lucky to start from fifth place and to be in the lead in the first turn. For a moment, I thought I wouldn’t make the turn. Then I was waiting for the faster guys to catch me because Petr Fulín knows Most really well, so I didn’t really fight with him, or with Bartosz Groszek and Petr Semerád. When Petr retired, I overtook Bartosz and that was it. Of course, we are disappointed for Petr. Although winning the Team championship is great for us, winning the Driver championship as well would have been the best.

Sebastian Steibel – Cupra TCR (Steibel Motorsport) – 3rd place
I had a good start, but there was a bit of a traffic jam and I had to brake on the straight because there was no place to go. After the chicane, I was in sixth and then fifth behind Janík and Semerád. Later on, I saw some oil on my windscreen that had come from Semerád’s car and, in the final stage of the race, I managed to get right behind Bartosz. I overtook him without any contact and finished third. Congratulation to Bartosz. Now we will see what we can do next year.