What did they say after qualifying?

What did they say after qualifying?

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Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Petr Fulín – Cupra León Competición TCR (Fullinrace Academy) – 1st place
Sure, I’m happy about the results. I haven’t been racing for almost a year, so I need to get back into the race weekend regime. The key thing is to have a good start. Let’s see how high the temperatures will be, if we’ll risk it and keep the aggressive qualifying car setup or if we’ll change it. We had some issues with the differential and I missed one practice, so we’ll see. But the strategy is simple: have a good start, keep the lead, win the race, and start from the back of the second race and enjoy some passing.

Sebastian Steibel – Cupra TCR (Steibel Motorsport) – 2nd place
I’m really happy; I didn’t think about my position, but I have good lap times and, for sure, I can do that in the race too. I’m expecting a nice race, as it’s close between me, Petr Čížek, and Bartosz Groszek. Let’s see who will do the best in the race and in what positions we’ll be after the first turn. The chicane will be difficult, as it’s tight there and the risk of an accident is always high.

Petr Čížek – Cupra León Competición TCR (Fullinrace Academy) – 3rd place
The car works fine. There was some dirt on the track at the beginning, so it took a bit of time until the car got a nice grip. Anyway, I’m happy with the results; I will stand just behind Petr on the grid, so it will look really nice in the photos. We don’t have any strategy for the race; the goal is to have a good start, but we will see. The first turn is very tricky.