What did they say after the first race?

What did they say after the first race?

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Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Milovan Vesnić – Audi RS3 LMS TCR (ASK Vesnic) – 1st place
This is a whole new experience for all the drivers and all team members. It´s too hot here. The tires, engines, brakes, everything is suffering. I raced very hard and the tires were gone after a few laps. But finally good result, finally first victory of the season and I´m happy that the car finally works as I wish. We´ll see what will happen in tomorrow´s race, but I would be happy for TOP5 finish.

Bartosz Groszek – Audi RS3 LMS TCR (Aditis Racing) – 2nd place
As I was starting on the dirty side of the track, I lowered my RPM, but it was too much and I stall the car. Luckily nobody hit me from behind, especially Sebastian Steibel was very close to me. After that I had to recover positions, but tires were gone soon. Hardest to overtake was Petr Semerád for me, because he has a great speed on the straights. Then I was catching Milovan, but I think I needed one or two more laps.

Petr Semerád – Hyundai i30N TCR (Hyundai / Janík Motorsport) – 3rd place
Lunch control worked well, but Bartosz stall the car, so I had to lift off and move around him, which was the reason I lost a couple of places. Then Sebastian Steibel pushed me out of the turn, so I rather slowed down than to have accident with him. Then I moved up slowly, tried to hold Bartosz behind me, but I didn´t succeed with it. However racing was nice and I´m satisfied with the result.