What did they say after the race 1?

What did they say after the race 1?

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Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Maťo Homola – Hyundai Elantra N TCR (Hyundai/Janík Motorsport) – 1st place
„The start was the most important and when Adam made a mistake in the first lap, I took advantage of it and got into the lead. The first laps are extremely important to warm up the tires. Towards the end, they were wearing out, and it was extremely important not to make a mistake. Overall the race was then very balanced and I am extremely happy about the victory.“

Petr Fulín – Cupra León Competición TCR (Fullinrace Academy) – 2nd place
„Of course, I feel bad for two places lost at the start, but I have to say that I enjoyed the race extremely. The spectators did too, I’m sure. To have three cars fighting at the front is quite something. The track is short, but it requires tremendous concentration because it has many fast turns, and it’s necessary not to make a mistake. We all managed that, and it was challenging mentally.“

Adam Kout – Hyundai Elantra N TCR (Hyundai/Janík Motorsport) – 3rd place
„I was most worried about the start, that there might be some mayhem. But it went well, and the pressure fell off me, and then I just enjoyed it. However, maybe the rear tires weren’t warmed up enough, so in the triple left turn, I made a mistake. But it was visible that Maťo also slid a bit in the next turn. I held on to the second place for a long time, unfortunately, I made some mistakes, and then Petr managed to overtake me. Then my tires started to wear out, but I have to say, I´m very happy with the result.