What did they say after the race 2?

What did they say after the race 2?

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Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Rene Kircher – Honda Civic TCR FK7 (Mertel Motorsport) – 1st place
It’s a perfect result. I had a phenomenal start again and overtook two guys in front of me. Then Adam Kout, Sebastian Steibel, and Davit tried to go through the chicane side by side, but I kept calm and watched the outcome. In the rest of the race, I looked after the tires as I knew that Adam and Davit would receive time penalties after the finish. So it’s a perfect result for me and the team. It was a great weekend.

Davit Kajaia – Honda Civic TCR FK7 (Mertel Motorsport) – 2nd place
I managed to start really well like yesterday. We also had some fights in the first corners and later on. So I moved up to the second position, but I received a message from the team that the car in front of me had a 10-second penalty. So I calmed down to manage the tire wear. Unfortunately, I also received a time penalty for track limits, although I’m not sure where I crossed the white lines. Anyway, I’m very happy for the team’s 1-2 positions, and let’s keep it up.

Maťo Homola – Hyundai Elantra TCR (Hyundai Janík Motorsport) – 3rd place
Unfortunately, I had a bad start again. After the first race, we looked at it, and we thought we found the issue, but it repeated again today. So I lost places at the start, and that was a decisive moment because I had to go through the field and had contact with Ghermandi, who was kind of aggressive. That was the reason I had loose bodywork on one side of the car. It rubbed the tire, but fortunately, it dropped off after a couple of laps. However, the car wasn’t in ideal shape, but at least I managed to finish the race.