What did they say after the race?

Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Bartosz Groszek – Audi RS3 LMS TCR (ADITIS Racing) – 1st place
I think I got slightly tapped from behind and that’s why I pushed Jáchym Galáš a bit and he lost the rear, as well as I. And unfortunately, Milovan Vesnić was on the outside and he was hit by Jáchym. After that, it was a pretty stable race. At the end of the race, Maťo Homola would have been able to catch me, but as he was trying to do so, he used his tyres too much and I was able to win by a slight margin.

Maťo Homola – Hyundai Elantra N TCR (Hyundai / Janík Motorsport) – 2nd place
Unfortunately, the starting procedure wasn’t working as it should have been and I had a bad start. It’s something to learn from and that’s why we are here. There are a couple of things that we had to try for the race tomorrow because I wasn’t satisfied with the car. Second place means first of the defeated, so I can’t say I’m happy with that, however the car wasn’t damaged, so that’s good.

Milenko Vuković – Renault Mégane RS TCR (Besagroup Vuković Motorsport) – 3rd place
The key to our great start was heating the tyres before the start of the race. I also ran two out laps before I parked on the grid. Thanks to that, I had a good start, good braking point, and better cornering speed in the first couple of turns. However, I had high tyre degradation and Petr Semerád was able to close in to me. But I managed to protect the position and I’m really happy with the results.