What did they say after the second race?

What did they say after the second race?

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Comments from the Top 3 drivers

Bartosz Groszek – Audi RS3 LMS TCR (ADITIS Racing) – 1st place
I was very lucky that I didn’t jump the start because my car began moving forward slightly. Then I overtook Petr Čížek in the same place as I did yesterday and made a very brave move in the first corner, where we were three wide. As I was in second, I knew I was faster than Vuković, so I was waiting for him to make a mistake and it finally happened. But I have to say, for me, it was a tougher race today than yesterday. The heat in the car was worse today. Anyway, I’m very happy with the win at my home circuit.

Petr Semerád – Hyundai i30N TCR (Hyundai / Janík Motorsport) – 2nd place
The start was good and the car drove nicely. I managed to catch up with the cars that were in front of me on the starting line, then I saw a gap in the first turn, so I went for it, but Bartosz and Petr Čížek were there and I didn’t want to crash into Bartosz, so I lifted the throttle and went onto the grass. Then I had to fight for positions from the back. I was stuck behind Petr Čížek later in the race, so I waited to attack and studied his weaknesses. When I attacked him, Milenko Vuković went out of the track, so I was side-by-side with him, but I managed to pass him successfully. I tried to catch Bartosz, but my tyres were gone, so I held onto second place until the finish.

Václav Janík – Hyundai i30N TCR (Hyundai / Janík Motorsport) – 3rd place
I think I had a good start, but our engineer Jaroslav Krajčí told me to be nice to my tyres, as I had completely destroyed them in Saturday’s race. He told me not to fight today, but to take care of the tyres instead. Anyway, I enjoy fights. Racing with opponents is still new to me, as I came from hill climb racing, and the previous circuit racing I’d done with prototype cars was completely different. So overall, I’m very happy with the results, but there is still a lot to learn.