Who will last longer: Petr Čížek or Sebastian Steibel?

Who will last longer: Petr Čížek or Sebastian Steibel?

5. 6. 2023 0 News ,

Don’t worry, it’s not about their fight in the ring or anything like that. It’s about racing and an interesting record held by these two drivers.

Czech driver Petr Čížek and German driver Sebastian Steibel hold a unique record that no other driver has accomplished. They have scored points in the last 21 races of TCR Eastern Europe. No one has had such a long streak as Čížek and Steibel.

Their streak began two years ago, precisely at the Slovakia Ring in 2021. Čížek scored four points, while Steibel scored two, and they have continued to collect points ever since. This means that they finished all of last year’s races on the points and have continued this performance into this year.

Petr Čížek has moved to the Expres Auto Racing team for 2023 and has collected 24 points so far with his Cupra. Steibel has also made a big move and is driving for the Aditis Racing Team with 41 points, currently placing him in seventh position.

So the question is, how long will their streak continue? And who will be the first to interrupt it?