Will Pekař change Cupra for Renault Mégane already this season?

Will Pekař change Cupra for Renault Mégane already this season?

22. 5. 2021 0 News ,

Tomáš Pekař provided an interview for our website. And he didn´t rule out he will change his current Cupra Leon for Renault Mégane already during this season. Read the interview and learn much more.

Hello Tomáš, can you tell us how did your return to TCR Eastern Europe happen?

Hello Dušan. It was a big decision for me to buy a TCR car and to start racing with that car. Luckily, Petr Čížek got a newer specification of Cupra and his team were selling his old car. I knew that car was in a perfect condition. So it made my consideration easier.

Tomáš Pekař races with Cupra Leon TCR this year. Photo: Petr Frýba

You raced in TCR Eastern Europe already in 2019 season during Red Bull Ring round with Renault Mégane R.S. TCR car of Vuković Motorsport. You took one victory then. How would you compare the level of TCR Eastern Europe from 2019 and the current level of this series?

It´s hard to compare. But this season is affected a lot by the change of tire supplier. We all start from scratch, because the set-up for cars is very different and that helps me, by the way. Some good drivers left this series, but we have new names there and we will definitely hear about them in the future. In any case, I´m happy we have a full-fledged grid with fast drivers.

What progress of TCR Eastern Europe championship do you expect for the future?

I hope TCR Eastern Europe will keep the set standard. They managed to organize all races at a time when nothing is certain. When the government restrictions ends, the racing will be even better.

Michal Makeš was your biggest rival in the first two rounds of 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season. Except for you, Makeš is also only driver who won race this year. What do you think about him as a driver and what development of the battle between you and him do you expect?

Michal is my friend. Sometimes, we discuss everything about TCR cars. We didn´t have a proper battle so far, but it will definitely happen. His progress is visible and his victory in Race 1 at Slovakiaring was only a confirmation of it. I have to think about whether to try it on him from left, from right, to fool him into a mistake or to let him overheat his tires (laughing). According to his results he achieved so far, he´s my biggest opponent. But I know the season is still at the start and everything may completely change with one race. I know it from the own experience.

Michal Makeš is the biggest opponent of Tomáš Pekař in championship fight so far. Photo: Petr Frýba

Except for Michal Makeš, do you see also any other strong championship contender on the grid? For example, the first ever TCR Eastern Europe champion Milovan Vesnić or Sebastian Steibel, who moved to third place of the championship standings after Slovakiaring round?

Milovan and Sebastian race with TCR cars much longer than me. They and their teams have a lot of experience to use the opportunity when me or Michal make a mistake. We don´t have such a big lead and they can still delete this gap.

You already won four TCR Eastern Europe races and you are second in the table of all times according to victories. You are sharing second place with Milovan Vesnić now. What does it mean for you?

The amount of victories is not important. The amount of points at the end of the season is what decides. For me, it´s important to have a fun during races and to score as much points as possible. So I would like to recapitulated at the end of the season.

Dušan Borković is a record holder of TCR Eastern Europe in amount of victories. He won eight races. Do you think you can pass him in the rest of the season?

I never really interested in these tables, but in any case, I´m happy he don´t race with us this year (laughing). It would be difficult to fight him. He was dominant last year.

Dušan Borković would be again hard to beat according to Tomáš Pekař. Photo: Petr Frýba

Do you plan to race in TCR Eastern Europe long-term? Or will you consider the move to any other series if you succeed this year?

The new Clio Cup Europe for the fifth generation of Clios started this year and it looks like a good fun. Clios are small, relatively cheap and especially fun racing cars. It would be nice to begin the new era of Clio Cup Bohemia within ESET Cup and to put together the full starting grid. TCR racing is a quite expensive, so I don´t have ambition to move to Europe at this scene. Many circumstances would have to help me. But of course, I would like it.

Would the move from Cupra Leon TCR to the newer Cupra Leon Competición TCR attract you in the future? And what about return to Renault Mégane?

There are many things that would attract me. But when I return to reality, my start with TCR car is not certain for next year. It will depend on how much money I will save. It´s true I´m talking with Milenko Vuković about the start with Renault Mégane R.S. TCR Evo. It may will happen already this season. If it happens, the opponents will have a hard time. I´m not afraid to say the new EVO specification would be a fastest car on the track. So we will see.

Will Tomáš Pekař return behind the wheel of Renault Mégane already this year? Photo: Petr Frýba

Opening photo: Petr Frýba