Wimmer Werk Motorsport is another new team in TCR Eastern Europe

Wimmer Werk Motorsport is another new team in TCR Eastern Europe

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Austrian racing team Wimmer Werk Motorsport, founded by brothers Felix and Max Wimmer, has signed up for two TCR Eastern Europe events and may potentially participate in more.

Wimmer Werk Motorsport has entered two cars for Peter Gross and Philipp Dietrich at Hungaroring. They have also committed to Red Bull Ring, and the Slovakia Ring event is being considered. Gross will be racing with an Audi RS3 LMS TCR, while Dietrich will compete with a Cupra Leon Competition TCR.

„Peter Gross has been a team member since 2016 and is racing in a 2018 Audi RS3 LMS. On one hand, he is a very good dentist in real life, and on the other, a truly passionate mechanic, engineer, and driver,“ introduces Max Wimmer one of his drivers and continues:

„We’ve known Philipp for three years. We raced against him in the Suzuki Cup, and he joined our team for the next step into TCR this year. We are excited to see what he can achieve in his first races and look forward to watching his progress throughout the year,“ says Max Wimmer and mentioned third car at Red Bull Ring: „Dominik Haselsteiner will be joining us at Red Bull Ring. He’s been with us since 2019, became Vice European Champion in the Suzuki Cup with us, and stepped into TCR last year.“

Needless to say, Wimmer Werk Motorsport is no stranger to TCR Eastern Europe / ESET Cup weekends. The team raced in the ESET Cup last year and is now ready for a new challenge with TCR cars in Eastern Europe championship.

The Austrian team boasts an extensive collection of racing cars in their headquarters and has experience with various machines, including Porsches, Suzukis, Seats, and even an LMP3 prototype.

„The core of our team consists of six people. For single races and race series, we add whatever is needed with partly self-employed freelancers or specialists in the required fields. Currently, we are racing with ten different cars in several series. This year, our main focus will be on ADAC GT4 Germany with two new Porsche GT4s, racing on DTM weekends,“ says Max Wimmer, who founded the team with his brother Felix in 2015. Their shared passion for motorsport quickly led the team to success.

Their most notable achievement was with an LMP3 prototype in 2018: „Starting that season with a completely new LMP3 car due to aerodynamics, we managed to win against well-established EMLS teams in our first year and took the championship in VdeV in 2018. In our second year, we won the Ultimate Cup series again, which was a great start to quality and high-performance racing,“ adds Wimmer.