Wittke will race with the latest Cupra car

Wittke will race with the latest Cupra car

Carol Wittke will race with Cupra Leon Competición TCR car during the 2021 season. He revealed that and much more in our interview.

Carol, you finished on 10th place in the overall standings last season. You scored 24 points. Your best result was 5th place from Race 2 at Automotodrom Brno. How are you happy with the last year´s season?

We had the problems in most qualifying sessions last year, so I didn´t start from good position in most races. But I was able to gain a lot of positions. I think that we had a good race pace. If we had better qualifyings, we would have a chance for better race results. And we didn´t take part in one round (at Hungaroring – editorial note).

Will we see you in TCR Eastern Europe with Fullinrace Academy team this year again? Or do you have some other plans?

The plan for 2021 is to drive for Fullinrace Academy in TCR Eastern Europe again.

What will be your ambitions for 2021 season? You are still waiting for your first podium result in TCR Eastern Europe. Do you think that is it possible to achieve it this year?

Yes, my target for this year is to achieve my first podium result. We have to work on qualifyings and be better than last year at it. I think that if we will be better in qualifyings, we will have a chance for podium. When I look at our race pace from last year, it is possible.

You raced with Cupra Leon TCR car in the previous two TCR Eastern Europe seasons. Will you race with that car also this year or will you change it? Your teammate Petr Čížek raced with new Cupra Leon Competición TCR car last year. So is it possible that you also will race with that car in 2021 season, for example?

We will race with the new Cupra Leon Competición TCR car in 2021 season. I hope that it will be ready in time before the season will start. And I hope I will be able to test the car before the first race will take place.

Carol Wittke will race with the same car as Petr Čížek (in the picture) last year. Photo: Petr Frýba

Cupra Leon Competición TCR is newer car than Cupra Leon TCR. But you had better season than Petr Čížek last year. You were 10th in overall standings with 24 points. He scored 16 points and finished 16th. So are you affraid that Cupra Leon Competición TCR car is not a step forward at the moment?

I think that the new Cupra is a step forward and the car is better than the old Cupra. But we have to learn to make set up for the car. The team learnt a lot last year with the new car and Petr Čížek also learnt a lot. It will be better this year.

What do you expect from 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season? Who will fight for the title according to you? Last year´s champion Dušan Borković, who was absolutely dominant and won all eight races, still didn´t confirm his plans for 2021, but he didn´t rule out staying in TCR Eastern Europe. If he will continue in TCR Eastern Europe, do you think that he will dominate in the same way as last year or do you think that the opponents will be closer to him than last year? And if yes, who can challenge him according to you?

I can´t say. I don´t know who will race in the 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season at the moment. We will see after the first round who will race and what performance the drivers will have.

Jáchym Galáš will race with the same technique as Dušan Borković last year. He will get behind the wheel of Hyundai i30 N TCR car in colours of ACCR Czech Talent Team. Do you think that he will be stronger than with Volkswagen Golf and will he in the serious fight for the title this year?

Yes, I think he will be stronger this year. Hyundai is very fast car and Jáchym is a fast driver.

Carol Wittke expects that Jáchym Galáš will be stronger with Hyundai. Photo: Janík Motorsport

We will see also new faces this year. Richard Meixner confirmed he will race at least in some rounds. What do you expect from this driver, who raced in Renault Clio Cup races and in hill climb races last year?

I wish him a good time in TCR Eastern Europe.

But we will see also returns this year. Team Unicorse, which took part in two rounds of 2019 season, announced they will race again in TCR Eastern Europe during 2021 season. And according to the news from last year, Tomáš Pekař also should race. What do you expect from Team Unicorse and from Tomáš Pekař? Pekař already raced in TCR Eastern Europe during the 2019 Red Bull Ring round and won one race. Do you think that he can add more victories or even fight for the title?

It is good that Team Unicorse will come back. We will have one more brand of TCR cars (Alfa Romeo – editorial note) on the grid. And Tomáš Pekař is a very fast driver. This season is going to be more exciting and interesting in terms of podium positions.

TCR Eastern Europe will make the debut in Poznan, Poland on June. How do you look forward to this round and the local circuit?

I was in Poznan once with Škoda Octavia Cup and I know the track. I think the track is okay, but not my favourite.

Title photo: Petr Frýba