Wyszomirski wants to deploy three cars this year

Wyszomirski wants to deploy three cars this year

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Jakub Wyszomirski provided an interview for our website. Among other things, he expressed his wish to deploy three cars in 2021 season.

Jakub, we could see you in the rounds at Slovakiaring and in Brno last year. You scored 10 points in total and you finished 17th in the championship. How are you happy with 2020 season?

It was difficult season with a lot of up and downs. It was impossible to fight for good results because of the Covid situation. I could take part only in two race weekends. It was a frustrating situation for me after 2019 season. We managed to score some points and get more experience in TCR, but the result was far beyond our expectations. I hope to be better in 2021.

You raced for ASK Vesnić team in 2019 TCR Eastern Europe season. But we could see you in a new role last year. Except you raced, you was also team boss of your own team Honda Wyszomirski. How would you compare racing in own team with racing for someone else? How is difficult to combine the role of racing driver with the role of team boss?

It was a great pleasure to work with Mikica Vesnić (Milovan Vesnić, 2019 TCR Eastern Europe champion – editorial note) and Petar Jankovic in ASK Vesnić team. I got a lot of experience with our friendship relations and their help. Participation with Honda Wyszomirski in 2020 season was a challenge, especially with combining  racing driver role with team boss role. That was a natural step we wanted to make. We knew racing as own team will be hard lesson for us, but we decided it is more comfortable from logistic point of view and gives new opportunities for the future.

You weren´t only driver of your team last year. Sebastian Kolakowski also raced for you, but he didn´t score points. How are you happy with his results from last year as a team boss?

Sebastian is very experienced racing driver. He has a karting past and also a racing past. He was part of Clio Cup in ESET Cup for a long time and he achieved good results there. TCR car is different and you need time to adopt to it. That was his first season and it was difficult for him, but he did very well in general and I´m happy about his performance. I think this year would be much better for him.

So you intend to continue in TCR Eastern Europe this year and you count with Sebastian Kolakowski again?

We still negotiate with sponsors. It is difficult time for everyone because of Covid. We will try to continue with two cars Honda Civic Type R TCR FK2, but we also finish preparation of third car soon. The third car is also Honda Civic Type R TCR FK2. We plan to continue as Honda Wyszomirski Racing in 2021, with me and Sebastian behind the wheels. We are now looking for the driver for the third car. We will see. Maybe someone will join us.

Sebastian Kolakowski should continue with Honda Wyszomirski this season.

What will be your ambitions for 2021 season? In 2019, you scored one podium result. Do you believe you can return to the podium this year, for example?

Ambitions of our team is to have always all drivers in top 10. We will also try to reach some podium results as it was before. You always compete for wins, that´s one of the senses of racing.

In 2021 season, TCR Eastern Europe will made its debut in Poznan. How are you looking forward to racing ahead of home fans?

Poznan is challenging track. Some places are narrow and there are a few tricky corners. It will be great to see TCR Eastern Europe cars there. It is a great possibility for podium result for me. I know the track very well. It will be also a lot of good racing to watch for fans. Not many drivers from TCR Eastern Europe were in Poznan before. Last year´s race was cancelled due to Covid situation. It will be definitely one of the most interesting race weekends in 2021 season.

The 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season will bring several changes. For example, second races of each weekend will have reversed grid, Hankook will become the new exclusive tire supplier and only ten best results will be counted to the championship. What do you think about these changes?

TCR races are already very interesting. Those changes will only make it better and more attractive for fans. There would be also more strategy to play for the teams and drivers to make a good final points result at the end of the race weekend. TCR Eastern Europe is growing year by year and the number of drivers and teams is increasing as the result of hard work of promoters and changes in the regulations. It is a pleasure to be here.