Boldizs doesn´t rule out return to TCR Eastern Europe

Boldizs doesn´t rule out return to TCR Eastern Europe

16. 12. 2020 0 News

This year, we could see Bence Boldizs in Grobnik and at Slovakia Ring. And the Hungarian doesn´t rule out the comeback to TCR Eastern Europe in 2021. He said that and much more in our interview.

Bence, you completed his first season at TCR racing scene this year. Among other things, you raced also in the first two rounds of the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season with Cupra Leon TCR of Zengő Motorsport team. You finished seventh in the overall standings. How are you happy with your this year´s performance in TCR Eastern Europe?

I can´t say so much things about our performance in TCR Eastern Europe as we competed only in the first two rounds, so the seventh position is not so relevant. These two race weekends was my very first appearances with TCR car, so we were here to learn. Of course, the podium during the second round was nice, especially from the twelfth place.

You achieved his best result in Race 2 at Slovakia Ring. You finished second. So am I right if I guess that this moment was your best from the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season?

Yes, the best memory is from Slovakia. I started from the twelfth position and finished as a second. It was an exciting race and our pace was really good.

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And on the contrary, what moment from the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season will you remember the worst?

Luckily, there were not so many bad things in those two rounds. If I have to say one, I say the qualifying in Slovakia, where I made some mistakes. But overall, it was nothing crucial.

But we saw you also in full FIA WTCR season this year. You finished eighteenth overall. Was there something what you learned in TCR Eastern Europe and it helped you in FIA WTCR after that? If yes, be concerte please. And do you think that TCR Eastern Europe offer a good preparation to drivers, who want to enter FIA WTCR?

Of course, it helped me a lot. Obviously, it was good to sit to a TCR car before the season started in FIA WTCR. As I said, that’s why we were here. Yes, it’s a good preparation, especially for me. But the level is obviously much higher in FIA WTCR. So it was a huge step up.

For learning, TCR Eastern Europe is one of the best series. There are good drivers there, some of them have a lot of experience. The circuits are also good. But obviously, FIA WTCR is another level and you have to do 110 % in every race to get some good results.

What´s your plans for the 2021 season? Will you continue in FIA WTCR? And is there some possibility that we will see you in TCR Eastern Europe again?

I don’t know yet. Obviously, I would like to stay in FIA WTCR with Zengő Motorsport. I enjoyed every moment of the season, everything was very professional.

In FIA WTCR, you raced with the latest Cupra car – Cupra Leon Competición TCR. Do you think that is there a possibility that you will race with this car also in TCR Eastern Europe next year?

Also I don’t know yet. If we will want to race here, I think we will bring the new CUPRA. I’m sure we would be able to fight for the win, because the new car is amazing and I obviously learnt a lot in 2020.