Ladniak lost two fourth places from the virtual Grobnik

Ladniak lost two fourth places from the virtual Grobnik

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Szymon Ladniak lost the fourth places from both virtual TCR Eastern Europe races at Grobnik, Croatia. He was penalized for the incidents with rivals.

During the third TCR Eastern Europe Simracing round at Grobnik, Szymon Ladniak crossed the line as the fourth in both races. However, he couldn´t rejoice in these results in the end.

After the end of this event, penalties were handed out and Ladniak was one of the punished drivers. He caused the incidents in both races. In Race 1, he collided with his teammate Jáchym Galáš. In Race 2, he clashed with Tomáš Pekař. Ladniak received 25-second penalty in both races. He dropped to the 8th place in Race 1 and on the 11th position in Race 2.

The form of the TOP 5 therefore changed in both races. Bartlomiej Mirecki won the first race ahead of Bartosz Groszek in second and Tomáš Korený in third. Gabriela Jílková moved to the fourth place and Constantin Kletzer to the fifth. In Race 2, the fourth Carol Wittke and the fifth Tomáš Pekař were classified behind the best trio composed of Bartosz Groszek, Keijo Keke Platzer and Bartlomiej Mirecki.

The Poles dominated the virtual Grobnik

In the overall standings, Bartosz Groszek is leading with 239 points. Balint Hatvani (135 points) is the second. The third Miklas Born, who is also the best junior, has the same amount of points as Hatvani.

However, the chances for the title are still alive for the fourth Keijo Keke Platzer (133 points), the fifth Constantin Kletzer (128 points), the sixth Tomáš Korený (118 points), the seventh Tomáš Pekař (96 points), the eighth Szymon Ladniak (85 points), the ninth Bartlomiej Mirecki (80 points), the tenth Petr Fulín (76 points) and also for the the eleventh Gabriela Jílková (74 points).

TCR Eastern Europe Simracing continues with the fourth round on July 28. The drivers will race at Slovakia Ring.

Results: Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2

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